Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dancing with Tina

By Terry Oldes

ISBN-10: 1934187151
ISBN-13: 978-1934187159

Reviewed by Carol

Man has sex with man. Man has sex with two men. Man is naive about gay man's life style. Man has sex in bathhouse. Man does TINA, the street name for Methamphetamine, (Meth), and has sex. Man meets man, man has sex and falls in love. Man has 3 month relationship. Relationship ends due to TINA. Man has sex with three men. Man has sex in gay bar. Man has sex with man he meets on-line. Man has sex for 14 hours. Man invites man over to his house to have sex. More men arrive to join in and have sex. Man has protected and unprotected sex. Man is careful not to have sex with HIV positive men. Man does more TINA in different ways and has more sex. Man meets new friends and has sex. Man goes to parties where many people are having sex. Man dresses up in costumes and has sex. Man watches TINA destroy lives. Man is now a walking gay life style encyclopedia and dictionary. Man has sex.

Anyone who is interested in learning about the gay life style would benefit from this read. You learn about TINA, or Methamphetamine, the high it produces and the different ways Meth is administered. You also learn about the gay community and the life style of a gay man. There is not much of a plot so after a while it's just monotonous.

I would not recommend the book unless you are a naive gay man coming of age.

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